DirtMC & HoaxMC Merge

DirtMC & HoaxMC Merge

Today, we bring you the exciting news that DirtMC and HoaxMC will be merging together. I’m sure you have lots of questions whizzing through your head currently. Rest assured though, this announcement will attempt to answer them.

Before we dive into everything, all ranks and recent consumable purchases across all DirtMC realms will be converted into money available in /redeem on HoaxMC hubs after the merge. Once you have typed /redeem in one of the HoaxMC hubs, you will be able to purchase anything on the HoaxMC store for any realm. Click here to navigate to the store and see what’s available!

DirtMC will be closing the doors to its current home in the afternoon/evening of Thursday November 14th, at which point the server IP will be redirected to HoaxMC and the merge will be completed.

Skyblock Dirt Realm

Due to the merge between both servers, the Dirt realm will be merging into Hoax to create a new realm on HoaxMC called Skyblock Dirt. None of your items will be lost. Instead, they will be merged together onto the new Skyblock Dirt realm. This means that you will keep all of your island and in-game progress.

Skyblock Cobble Realm

The Cobble realm will be closed due to the DirtMC and HoaxMC merge. However, all ranks and recent consumable purchases will be converted into money available in /redeem as discussed earlier in this post.

Prison Gravel Realm

The Gravel realm will be merging into the HoaxMC network to create a new realm called Prison Blaze. We will be taking this opportunity to reset the realm after receiving loads of great feedback from the community - this reset will bring a completely reworked economy as well as lots of fixes & improvements!

How to join HoaxMC

Click here for a detailed guide on how to join the HoaxMC Network!