The Casino & Challenge Update

The Casino & Challenge Update

Hey folks, welcome to another exciting update on DirtMC. This week, we bring to you a brand new Casino, with more games of chance as well as the Dirt Pass, for even more in-game reward possibilities!

All donator ranks have unlimited access to the casino using /Casino
Others can gain daily access to the Casino by simply voting everyday!

What can I find inside the Casino?
Inside the Casino, you can find a variety of different games to play and win rewards!

Wager Tables

At the casino, you will find 4 Wager Tables each at different stake levels
Low Stakes: $10,000 wagers
Medium Stakes: $100,000 wagers
High Stakes: $1,000,000 wagers
Extreme Stakes: $1,000,000,000 wagers

At each wager table, you will be able to find 3 NPCs each with a different game of chance! They are listed further down in this post.



Many of you are familiar with coinflips, as a way to quickly double your money (or lose it all).
You can do coinflips in the casino, except they are against the server instead of another player, what does this mean?

  • Coinflips will instantly start
  • No need to wait for another player to accept your wager
  • Coinflip at the amount you’re comfortable with
  • With the different stake levels, there is a wager for everyone

Rock, Paper or Scissors (RPS)

Another popular game of chance, rock paper scissors is a great way to apply some sort of strategy to your game since draws are possible (unlike coinflips)
Outside of the Casino, RPS will be available to play against other players

  • Use /rps to play (outside of the casino)

Inside the casino, you will be able to wager against the server

  • Play RPS at any time, and play instantly

Slots Machine

Take a chance at the ultimate jackpot and with 10x your wager! Slots are another new addition to our server. They, unlike RPS and Coinflips, are only available in the Casino


The slots machine is where you can win the big bucks. There are a large number of different outcomes which can range from winning 10x your wager, to losing it all, and everything in between

Casino Crate

Every day, the casino gives its loyal customers, you, a free casino crate. You will be able to open this crate every day, as long as you have access to the casino

The prizes inside are toned to be worth your while and to show you the casino’s appreciation. You can win

  • More powerful crate keys
  • Spawners
  • Mobcoins
  • Wands
  • Money
  • And even Ranks!


The Dirt Pass

We are also introducing a new challenge & reward system called, the Dirt Pass. The pass is filled with 100 challenges and a load of exclusive rewards.


Below, are the total rewards that you can win from the new Dirt Pass

  • $1,050,000,000 (In-Game)
  • 55 Iron Golem Spawners
  • 55 Vindicator Spawners
  • 55 Villager Spawners
  • 55 Evoker Spawners
  • Pouches
  • 11 Vote Keys
  • 11 Uncommon Keys
  • 11 Rare Keys
  • 2 Legendary Keys
  • 2 Epic Keys
  • 3 Tags

You can gain access to the pass through our store at