The Not So Minor Update

The Not So Minor Update

This week on DirtMC, we bring you a number of small updates that are collectively impactful enough that we felt an update post would be appropriate.

3 New Island Flags

We have added 3 more island flags to the list of customizations you can have on your island. It is important that you feel fully in control of your island, having the freedom to make your island unique.

  • Use of /fly
  • Use of /sethome
  • Throwing potions

Player Shop

You can now buy or sell up to 2,304 items (a full inventory) at a time!


You can now turn your robots into eggs and trade them with other players!

Currency Notation

Tired of counting zeros when sending money to a friend?
You can now use notations like 20k, 100m, 2b instead of putting a lot of zeros when using /pay or /ah sell

Primary Island

We have made some changes to associations with your primary island to make your life easier

  • Transactions with /is bank will associate with your primary island
  • Spawners unlocked in /shop will associate with your primary island
  • /is go/home and /is vault are now associated with your primary island