The Player Shop Update

The Player Shop Update

Hey everyone, we are back with another great update! This week, we’re bringing you a brand new Chestshop (Player Shop) reimagined from the ground up.


  • Start a chestshop by putting a sign on a chest and then type [shop], or (shop) on the first line of the sign. Then simply follow the steps shown in your chat on screen to create your very own Player Shop!

  • Sell/Buy something by right clicking on the sell sign of someone’s shop. Check the items you’re trading in the middle of the menu, then click confirm to buy/sell the items. Click cancel if you don’t want to sell/buy the item. If you want to delete your chestshop just simply break the sign on your shop!

  • This new and improved reincarnation of Player Shops will allow you to buy and sell more items than ever before, with confidence knowing what you’re buying/selling every time!